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Banana & Tahini “Sandwich”

banana and tahini sandwiches


Tahini [Or Peanut Butter]

Prep time:


1. peel and slice the bananas into little discs
2. spread a small dollop of tahini onto the disc
3. sandwich with the other disc
4. pop in your mouth, or freezer and er….that’s it


XO has fruit for breakfast most mornings, and particularly loves bananas! Here in Dalston bananas are sold on the market for £1 per bowl, which is great if you want to eat bananas everyday of the week!! I found a great little recipe over on Pintrest to use up leftover bananas!

Even though these are already very healthy and easy little snacks, I decided to make them even lazier by just spreading the tahini into the middle of the banana ‘sandwich’

I gave these to XO when he was about 7 months old, and he had tried hummus/hummous [which contains Tahini] from about 6 months as we have no history of nut allergies in our family, if you are worried about giving/introducing your child to nuts/sesame you can check what Babycenter say or check their baby led weaning community and ask some other mums!

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