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Easy Hummus Fish Cakes

These really are very easy, and a favourite in our house! We don’t even bother making our own hummus, we have a turkish wholesaler on the corner that sells huge vats of the stuff!

Easy Hummus Fish Cakes


  • 1 tbls Hummus [store bought, homemade or just chickpeas]
  • 1 tbls Tuna
  • 1-2 tsps Flour
  • Basil [or any other herb you might have to hand]
  • Black Pepper
  • [optional a dash of lemon juice]

Prep time:

Dietary requirements: ,


  1. add all the ingredients to a bowl, and mix well – you can’t add too much flour, as the hummus stops taking flour when it is ‘saturated’
  2. spoon the mix into a warmed frying pan [you can use a drop of oil if you like] it should be the consistency of cookie dough
  3. turn a few times until attractive looking


This recipe is adapted from Tinned Tomatoes Chickpea and Coriander Patties.

The directions below are for 1 x baby serving – a kid’s stomach is about the same size as their fist.

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