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Ella’s Kitchen Full of Sunshine Green Thai Curry Meatballs

Green Curry Meat Balls is super easy and the Ella’s Kitchen Full of Sunshine Green Thai Curry is a quick and easy packet sauce, packed full of veg!

Ella's Kitchen Full Of Sunshine Green Thai Curry


Ella’s Kitchen Full Of Sunshine Thai Curry
Mince [we like pork – turkey is also a healthy option]
Coconut Milk
Basil or corriander [fresh, dried or from a squeezy tube are all fine!]
1 x egg beaten
Ground black pepper
Breadcrumbs [GF use crushed GF Cornflakes or GF breadcrumbs]
olive oil

Prep time:

Dietary requirements: ,


  1. Mix the pork, basil/corriander, egg, pepper and breadcrumbs in a bowl with your hands, and shape to form small balls
  2. gently brown in some olive oil
  3. Add some coconut milk and the Ella’s kitchen and simmer for a while – done [if you are only making 1 x baby portion you will probably only use 1/4 – 1/2 of the Ella’s pouch, you can reserve the rest for the adults serving


I usually make two versions of this dish. One for XO and a spicy version for myslef and XO’s dad. The kiddies version is just as tasty though and because it is so quick to cook, you can finish this meal by the time the rice has steamed!

If you are baby led weaning then this dish is suitable as soon as you are ready to offer it to your child.


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