| 5 minutes - no joke

All recipes ready in 5 minutes (no joke) or under. Most are quick and healthy – all are family, kids, toddler, baby led weaning and traditional weaning friendly. Plenty of quick and easy ideas!

Peanut Butter Brownies – Vegan and Flourless

Not just for the kids, these peanut butter brownies are also a delicious adult treat!! Flourless, dairy free, soya free and egg free this brownie is definitely not taste free!!! Made with peanut butter and bananas, there isn’t an avocado or black bean in sight. Delicious and gooey you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it!!

The INCREDIBLE Hulk Spinach & Mango Smoothie

Get 2 of your baby or toddler’s five-a-day into them by telling them it’s a ‘Hulk’ smoothie…We like to use frozen spinach florets, and if you freeze the mango chunks it really does make a delicious dessert. I like to serve in a bowl like a ‘yoghurt’ or ‘mousse’ but you could always make it runnier and serve in a reusable baby food pouch or in a glass as a smoothie!

Hummus, Spring Onion & Tuna Patties

We still love these Easy Hummus Fish Cakes – today we didn’t have any coriander, because we used it up in yesterday’s Black Pepper, Ginger & Garlic Stir Fry, we did however have left over spring onions – that’s the awesome thing about these hummus patties, you can just pop in whatever you have!

Easy Hummus Fish Cakes

These really are very easy, and a favourite in our house! We don’t even bother making our own hummus, we have a turkish wholesaler on the corner that sells huge vats of the stuff!